The Original Reclaimed Timber Coffin

Why in death would we choose to impact the environment that has sustained us through life...
Bespoke Handmade Reclaimed Timber Casket

Bespoke solid wood coffins made from 100% reclaimed timber

Traditionally coffins are made from fresh wood, made beautiful and then cremated or interred. Our timber is one step away from firewood or landfill, then we make it beautiful. It's nearing the end of its life before we caringly restore and prepare it for one last journey, which seems apt and feels right.

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Why Choose Abbey Coffins?

  • MADE IN AXMINSTER, DEVON Founded within the walls of Newenham Abbey
  • 100% RECLAIMED OR UPCYCLED MATERIALS All materials are reclaimed or upcycled and locally sourced
  • No trees felled Minimal environmental impact
Devon Coffin Maker
Pallet Coffin Join
Bespoke Coffin Handle
Bespoke Wooden Handmade Coffin
Thank you to a customer for sending us this photo and allowing us to publish. "We think what the family have created from a 'natural' coffin is beautiful and very touching.
Truly inspirational. Thank you".
Bespoke timber coffin with drawings Bespoke Wooden Handmade Eco Friendly Skateboard Coffin The family that ordered this 'Natural Buckfast' asked if we could not add the extra panel to the lid so they could themselves cover the top with skateboard grip tape. Family and friends being able to sign and put down their own personal messages we think is a way that a funeral can become inclusive to all that attend and help with the healing process.

"Choosing Abbey Coffins was the best decision we made..."


Hand Crafted in the UK

In 2013 my father started to look into his own funeral arrangements. Having not found what he wanted, he asked me if I could make him an environmentally friendly coffin. Being a carpenter of course I said yes and so the seeds were planted for Abbey Coffins, which was established within the walls of Newenham Abbey just outside Axminster in Devon. The Abbey was burned down in the 16th century but enough of the walls remained to remind me of the Cistercian monks who once occupied the same space, which is very calming and make it a special place to work.

Chris Loukes - Founder of Abbey Coffins

The Original Pallet Coffin

All the timber for our coffins is from used pallets. Beneath the damaged surface is good sound wood that once planed sanded and buffed has a beautiful finish.

The process of recycling rough used wood into clean square edge timber is labour intensive and time consuming, but the result is beautiful and the environmental benefits are most rewarding.

Bespoke Coffins

The complete Abbey Coffin range is lovingly handmade to measure from 100% reclaimed timber meaning no trees are felled in the build process.

How long does it take?

Much of the preparation work has already been carried out in advance so from order to delivery takes 4 to 5 days depending on style of coffin.

How do I order?

To place your order please contact us by phone 01297 34449 or by email using the enquires form below.

If you have a funeral director in place we will liaise with them regarding coffin size and delivery details. If you have not chosen a funeral director or wish to conduct the service yourselves we can help with the next stages also.

Charminster Waxed £760.00
Natural £690.00
Woburn Waxed £660.00
Natural £590.00
Buckfast Waxed £645.00
Natural £595.00
Axminster Waxed £545.00
Natural £495.00

Pet Caskets

The passing away of a pet can be the loss of a loyal companion, a family member or a best friend. Therefore all our pet caskets are made exactly the same as our coffins, with the same ethos and care. Please contact us for further information.

Pet Caskets

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